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New Orleans Wedding Photography -  French Quarter - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

New Orleans wedding photography - destination wedding photographer in Phuket, Thailand - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Brian Crain as a client and an industry friend for 5 years. I’ve also had the opportunity at Grace Ormonde Wedding Style to view the most incredible photography in the world. When I came across Brian’s website, I was left speechless. His exquisite images jumped off the screen telling a story of pure emotion, glorious color combined with Brian’s incredible eye for high fashion and style. I shared his website with Grace Ormonde, who was so impressed she asked me to invite him to join our prestigious Platinum Listing – our listing of the best of the best worldwide. Brian is one of the most charming and warm people I have had the pleasure to work with. He truly loves what he does and the people he works with, which come across captured through the smiles of the people he photographs. I can see why couples love him as he’s a favorite at Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine.
– Laureen Edelson
International Marketing Director
Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine



Brian’s Philosophy on Wedding Photography

In her book Captivating, Staci Eldredge writes “Every little girl holds in her heart her most precious dreams. She longs to be swept up into a romance, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, to be the beauty of the story. Those desires are far more than child’s play. They are the secret to the feminine heart.” You have been swept up into your own romance and you are the beauty in your own story.
Allow Brian to capture YOUR adventure.


Your wedding is only about one thing—your love for each other.

Each wedding day is a unique collection of individual stories, emotions and styles all brought together at one time in one place. Couples pour out their love and devotion for one another and make a life long commitment. In the same manner, Brian pours out his God given abilities and passion for you and makes a commitment to capturing your most honest and heartfelt emotions like only he can. Through the intimate and captivating moments he captures through a photo-journalistic approach, the images of your love and affection for one another becomes both timeless and priceless.


Brian has a unique way to see, not just with his eyes, but also with his heart.

So how do you benefit from Brian’s shooting style? Your love for each other is bigger than just yourselves. With every deep gaze into each other’s eyes and every affectionate touch, you intimately express that love to each other. In love we often get caught up in the current moment. That is how we are called to live. But without even realizing it, we often forget the last moment. That’s where Brian comes in. He stylishly captures ALL the moments, so you can continue to live in the current moment and take in all the love. As a photographer, Brian lives to capture your heart within each moment, so you can relive them over and over. When you look at each other, you only see the person across from you and their love for you. It is only in captured images that you actually see what your combined love as a couple really looks like to both you and to the people around you. Brian captures that love with his camera in such a breathtaking way.


So do you really want to trust the capture of your emotions, style, and story to just anyone?

Wedding Photography in New Orleans is so unique and different from any where else in the world. Brian truly loves his job and has tremendous passion for it. But he also takes it quite seriously. He has been profoundly humbled and honored to have been the one person trusted in capturing the most important and intimate moments in hundreds of other couples’ lives and on their wedding day. He captures your story, your emotions and your heart by means of a skilled eye and a compassionate heart. He captures love simply because he looks at the world through love.

If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to browse through Brian’s Photography Collection, a gallery of wedding photography in the New Orleans and surrounding area. It also includes destination and Indian weddings. See for yourself how Brian has captured other couples’ love in New Orleans and all over the world. While you are looking at them, take a moment to notice how they make you feel. If you can feel the emotions for complete strangers in these images, imagine just how filled with emotion you would be when you look at the images from YOUR wedding day.

CALL TODAY to talk with Brian in detail about your wedding and how you envision your special. Invest a little time and find out for yourself that Brian is the right photographer to trust your wedding day memories to.

866-780-8258 – Toll Free
504-475-4075 – NOLA

Or visit the Wedding Investment page and simply fill out the requested information and Brian will contact you shortly.
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Jackson MS Engagement Couples Photography - Jackson Mississippi bridal, engagement, boudoir, fashion and events photographer

Jackson MS Engagement Couples Photography - Jackson Mississippi bridal, engagement, boudoir, fashion and events photographer

Extra Sessions

In addition to providing wedding photography, Brian offers high end bridal couture shoots that capture every detail of your wedding dress in a stylish way. He also offers timeless couple & engagement portraits, fun and unique trash the dress sessions and intimate, sexy bridal boudoir sessions. You can combine the different photography sessions to bring out every aspect of your unique wedding. Check out some of the sessions below.

Beautiful Couple Portraits and Day After Photography

In addition to wedding photography, Brian’s approach and goal is to capture your unique personality & style as a couple. Whether you are romantic, adventurous or even playful as couple, this session is customized towards your personality and style as a couple. Brian has photographed couples around the world doing what they love, such as hiking, riding horses, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, exploring their favorite city and hanging out at their favorite tropical beach.

Montego Bay Jamaica Destination Wedding Photography - Couples, Engagement & Day After Photography - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

Stunning Bridal Couture Photography

For the brides who love style and fashion, Brian offers amazing Bridal couture, in addition to wedding photography. With his natural fashion style as a visual artist, Brian’s approach is derived from years of editorial fashion experience with many national and international wedding magazines. His clients rave over his never ending creative drive and passion to create incredible works of art with a very sophisticated, modern approach. The couture sessions are fun and adventurous.

Brandon MS Bridal Fashion Photography - Jackson Mississippi bridal, engagement, boudoir, fashion and events photographer

Sexy Bridal Boudoir Photography

Brian’s bridal boudoir sessions are intimate and sexy using the same artistic approach that he takes with his bridal fashion sessions. As you can imagine, bookings for these sessions are highly sought after. This beautiful session offers you a way to capture yourself in a timeless, romantic fashion. What better gift can you give your husband-to-be than one of these private sessions. He strives to offer a highly professional & fashion studio style to this shoot, offering you a comfortable, safe surrounding to photograph your session. You can then showcase your favorite private images in a luxurious portfolio, album or modern coffee table book that will captivate your husband forever.

Montego Bay Jamaica Destination Wedding Photography - Bridal Boudoir Photography - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

Unique Trash The Dress Photography

Today’s modern couple is spirited, artistic and wants to show off their own unique style. No session betters portrays your personality than Brian’s Trash The Dress Session. This trendy, highly creative session is exciting and extremely fun. We can travel to any destination on the planet to make this session the most memorable session you ever do. Do you see yourself in an entirely different light than the average bride? Not sure if this is for you? Simply give me a call and we’ll discuss all the possibilities, some which you might not have considered. A lot of our clients have use these sessions to create modern canvas prints to decorate their new home.

Montego Bay Jamaica Destination Wedding Photography - Trash The Dress Photography - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to browse through Brian’s Photography Collection, a gallery of wedding photography in the New Orleans and surrounding area. It also includes destination and Indian weddings.
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Couples Photography - A collection of couples from various engagement and day after sessions - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

Jeanette & Jared's wedding photography at The Castle on The Hudson in New York - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

Wedding Photography Investment

Wedding collections begin with captivating image capture for your wedding day coverage. Then simply select any add-on products and/or sessions that best fit your needs and interests. A signed contract and a retainer of 25% is required to reserve the date exclusively for you. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding date for weddings being held within the continental U.S., and 45 days for weddings being held outside the continental U.S. Dates are filled on a first-come first-served basis.

Visit the Wedding Investment page and simply fill out the requested information. Brian will then contact you, go over your individual wedding details and provide a custom quote specifically for your wedding day needs.

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Indian wedding photography collection - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

Riverview Room - New Orleans Destination Wedding Venue - Best Locations For Photography

Wedding Client Raves

See what Brian’s clients have to say about working with him and the relationship they have with him.

You took our breath away with the amount of attention to detail and dedication you put in our wedding. We didn’t want to let you go. Your gift of photography has blown us away, and surpassed all of our expectations. I am truly beside myself. All of our friends can not stop talking about you. I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me and what a huge part you played in our wedding this weekend. Please know you will always be in our hearts as our incredible photographer and friend.
–  Jeanette & Jared  (married in Westchester County, New York)



You got along so well with our family and friends that everyone welcomed your presence and missed you when you had left. Our guests can’t stop talking about your photos and how they bring you back to the day itself. I can’t express how grateful I am that you not only noticed and beautifully documented all the little details I worked so hard on for a year, but also caught all the extra-special things that no one could have planned.
-Shirin & Gerald (married in Phuket, Thailand)



The one thing I can say about Brian and his photography is that you will be so THRILLED you hired him. I have known Brian for over 8 years now and he is EXCEPTIONAL at what he does. I find that Brian is even more in his element when he is traveling and capturing those incredible moments. Brian is also a pleasure to be around. He was our photographer for our wedding and has since become a dear friend of ours. I have always felt comfortable having my photo taken with Brian behind the camera. He truly was meant to do this. And speaking as a creative myself, the last thing I have ever worried about was whether he got the shot. He always seems to amaze me with the moments he captures.  
–  Amber & Marcus (married in Baton Rouge, Louisiana)



Working with Brian was effortless. Once we told him what we wanted, Brian was available to capture the important moments of our wedding day, whether it was traveling 40 blocks to lower Manhattan for breakfast with the boys at Mogador’s Cafe’, or going back uptown to meet with the girls at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon while we got ready. Brian’s approach and his attention to detail made us feel like we were the most important couple he had ever worked with.
– Marina & Mike (married in New York City)



Thank you so much for all of the wonderful work you did for our wedding in Jamaica. We cannot express how happy we are that you were able to capture everything from the grand landscapes to our most intimate moments so perfectly. We want to let you know how much both we and all of our guests enjoyed your company. Everyone felt so comfortable with you behind the camera. And even though we’re a very private couple, you were still able to catch us in our true selves because of your unobtrusive style. It’s obvious to us how much you care about both the people you photograph and your work by the amount of time and attention you’ve given us. You’ve not only shaped our memories into pieces of art that we can share with others, but you’ve also made a warm and lasting impression on our hearts. Thank you again for capturing our memories so vividly. We hope for only the best for you always and will be calling you again in the future.
– Christine & Darren (married in Montego Bay, Jamaica)



There are hundreds of professional photographers out there, but what sold us most about Brian is that he took the time to get to know us, our likes & dislikes and our style. He then built the perfect package to fit our specific needs and around what we really wanted as a couple. People buy people, not just a company, and Brian is one of the best.
– Sue & Ben (married in Nassau, Bahamas)



As a wedding & event professional, and more importantly as a designer, it is extremely important for me to work with skilled, flexible and professional photographers. Brian is actually my photographer of choice when I design an event that I need impeccable images from. He has the technical background as well as the eye of an artist and his images reflect that. He is always willing to go the extra mile to get the shot. You obviously need someone that you can develop a great report with and feel comfortable in his presence since you will be traveling together and I can’t think of anyone better suited for this type of opportunity. I always tell my clients that it is extremely important to have a great report with your photographer because it will show up in your pictures and Brian is someone who understands that. He is not just a point and shoot hire, he shoots everything as if it were for him personally and actually enjoys every minute of it. He is savvy and well spoken as well as just an all around great guy. One thing there is no shortage of in the wedding industry is photographers but there are very few that I would clasify as “world class” photographers, but Brian is just that.
– Angela Mazanti (Wedding & Event Designer)

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Couples Photography - A collection of couples from various engagement and day after sessions - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

Wedding Moments & Emotions - A collection from various weddings - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer


What sets Brian apart from other photographers?

Brian has been given both the ability and the responsibility to see emotions and moments through His lens and make a connection to those emotions. And that connection is what allows you to connect with the finished image that He captures. He is deeply moved by the lives that he touches through the images he captures. He never forgets that your wedding is about love and respect. It’s a celebration of your love and commitment for each other. Marriage is a sacred vow and he is humbled that he gets to photograph it for a living. He is so honored that hundreds of couples have put their trust in him to capture their once in a lifetime event that. Brian has years of experience specifically in the wedding industry.

Are there time restrictions for my wedding day?

No. That would be like turning off a romantic movie before the credits started rolling. Brian is there to capture your story – PERIOD.  He never leaves until the story of your wedding day is complete. He gets there before anyone one else and is usually the last one to leave.

Does Brian bring a second photographer?

Yes and no. No one else has Brian’s eye and no one else can create the same images the way he does. It’s important to him that you know that the day is about you!!! He believes that having many photographers (along with their assistants) draws attention away from you. He is there to capture your day, not to make a production out of it. The majority of the weddings that he photographs are ones that he is the only photographer. He does realize that each and every wedding is unique and that there are situations that a second photographer would be beneficial. If you are interested, he will help you determine if a second photographer would be beneficial in capturing for wedding and if the extra cost is needed. However if a second photographer is used, please know that his philosophy does not change. He is still the primary photographer and his total concern is you.

Am I able to customize my package?

Absolutely. Each wedding Brian photographs is a unique experience. Each Bride and groom have very different needs and expectations. No two weddings are the same. Please let Brian know what your particular needs are and He can work with you on a custom package tailored to your individual wedding.

What is Brian's style and shooting approach?

Brian’s style is a blend of creative emotional photo-journalism, with a flair for fashion, travel, and an eye for details. Brian approaches every wedding as a unique experience to capture. He captures your real emotions, directs you to the best light possible in each moment, and fully explores creative composition in those moments. He loves rich, bold colors that show off the surrounding environment and timeless black and whites that pull you into the emotions and make you feel like you are there in the image.

How many weddings does Brian photograph in a weekend?

The only wedding that Brian photographs on a weekend in YOURS. It is a very a long day (8-12 hours on average) and with few breaks. In order to provide the best possible service to you, Brian ensures that he is well-rested so that he can mentally and physically be able to go above and beyond your expectations.

Are the digital negatives included? And can I make my own prints?

Yes. Your custom wedding collection includes high-resolution, fully-edited, print-ready jpg files, along with a print release, allowing you to print your images anywhere and at any size. Of course there’s a huge difference between a print you make at your local printer and those Brian can print for you. Brian highly recommend you getting at least your larger prints from him, as he can bring out the best in the enlargements and works with a lab that has the most accurate color and skin tome reproduction and image quality. He has many years of printmaking experience as well as having been a lab manager at several labs. And more importantly, Brian cares about what your images look like and how they make you feel. The person at your local lab doesn’t.

Sorry, but I do not provide the unedited RAW files.

What is the Client Gallery?

The client gallery is a way to share, print and download your images. Images can be shared in a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. SEE EXAMPLE HERE

Why is good photography more important than a lot of products?

Images that profoundly effect you emotionally are the whole point of capturing your wedding. Products are simply ways to show them off. Yes the products are important, however they are only worth getting if the images that you are using with them offer some kind of emotional payoff. Your beautifully handcrafted, custom made album doesn’t mean anything if the images do not help relive all the emotions.

Can we talk to your past clients and get a feel for their experience with you?

Absolutely. Simply let Brian know and he will be more than happy to put you in touch with some of his clients who are willing to share their experience.

Are there any travel costs associated with my wedding?

There are no travel costs for weddings and photographic sessions taking place within a 60 mile radius of New Orleans, Louisiana. All other weddings, destination weddings and photographic sessions will require travel costs associated with your particular location. Destination wedding travel costs usually require a minimum of 2 nights hotel accommodations (the night before and night of your wedding). Please contact Brian for more information regarding your specific wedding.

What does Brian like most about weddings other than photographing them?

That’s simple. He loves the relationships and the connections that are made with all of the wonderful people he meets. He stills keep in touch with many of the couples and their families long after their weddings have ended.

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New Orleans Wedding Photography - Bridal Fashion Photography - Jackson Mississippi wedding, bridal, engagement, boudoir, fashion and events photographer

New Orleans Wedding Photography - Couples Photography - A collection of couples from various engagement and day after sessions - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

About Brian

Brian has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years and have specialized in wedding and bridal couture photography since 2001. He is well established in photographing weddings in New Orleans and South Louisiana and destination weddings around the globe. He has photographed couples in locations such as New Orleans, New York, Charleston SC, Miami FL, Hawaii, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, Jamaica, Argentina and many more.

His love of travel came from serving as a professional photographer in the U.S. Navy. Brian’s work has been featured in numerous publications including Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine, & Southern Bride Magazine. I have also been a featured photographer in Profesional Photographer Magazine & Studio Photography Magazine. He is extemely passionate about wedding photography and loves working with clients in capturing the most important day in their lives.

His business is built on relationships and the trust that is built in establishing those relationships. He values each and every client as unique and individual. He approaches their wedding in the same manner.



Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, the nation’s top luxury wedding magazine and bridal resource, has chosen Brian as a Grace Ormonde – Photographer of the Week. This honor goes out to only hand picked elite national wedding photographers that demonstrate style and beauty.
View the Photographer of the Week Issue Here

Grace Ormonde Photographer of the week - Brian K Crain


Wedding Photography Collections

Please take a few minutes to browse through Brian’s Photography Collection, a gallery of wedding photography in the New Orleans and surrounding area. It also includes destination and Indian weddings. Brian K Crain lifestyle Photography has been one of New Orleans top wedding photographers for more than 10 years.

CALL TODAY to talk with Brian in detail about your wedding and how you envision your special day. Invest a little time and find out for yourself that Brian is the right photographer to trust your wedding day memories to.

866-780-8258 – Toll Free
504-475-4075 – NOLA

Couples love us! See our reviews on The Knot.

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New Orleans Wedding Photography - French Quarter - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

New Orleans Wedding Photography - Wedding Bouquets - A collection from various weddings - Brian K Crain Lifestyle Photographer

New Orleans Destination Wedding Planning Resources

From his years of wedding photography experience in New Orleans and the surrounding area, Brian has assembled a list of wedding planning resources to help you with your New Orleans wedding planning needs. Whether your wedding is in the French Quarter, the Garden District, City Park or in one of the surrounding areas such as Plantation Country or the Northshore, these resources can make your wedding day dreams come true.

New Orleans, and the surrounding area, offers some of the most unique and breathtaking venues and some of the most talented and professional wedding planners anywhere in the world.
Visit the New Orleans Destination Wedding Planning page for your New Orleans wedding planning needs.

New Orleans Destination Wedding Planners

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